XABI BADINI : “Begibakarraren bidaia”(Videoclip y nueva canción)

An album for a story between the beast and the man

To XABI BANDINI things happen to him last year, like the rest of the people. He begins to write and record songs and he is posting them in a blog from his small apartment in Madrid. Begin to shape an idea. After publishing on the networks his first song “Begibakarraren gela”, now in the context of an album, he launches with the second chapter “Begibakarraren bidaia” and the video clip under the direction of Borja Lezaun.

BANDINIWEBPhoto: Iñigo Gil

XABI BANDINI: Begibakarraren bidaia (Teaser)

XABI BANDINI : Begibakarraren bidaia ( Song)