THE ICER COMPANY: Ur abisalen espedizioa

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Product Description

The Icer Company presents itself as a personal project.
Iker Cía, after almost seven years in Arima Sutan, had to quit the band for several reasons during a tough time, but he kept writing songs on his own.

Those recordings ended eventually on his musician friends ears, and what started to be an acoustic format band, finally became a 4 piece group thanks to Arkaitz Ezkai (Soñadores Natos, Arima Sutan) on drums/ backing vocals, Rubén Matilla (Kerobia) on electric guitar, and Xabier Valverde (Potentor) on bass.

As a result of believing in these songs, appears ‘Ur Abisalen Espedizioa’ (The expedition to the abyssal sea). A self-recorded and produced album with folk, pop, and rock brushstrokes.

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