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URTZ: Bizitzarekin dantzan ( The best of…) CD

  • 18/11/2020

  URTZ, doing hardrock or rock with feelings, has always been a popular group. His songs have been heard and have reached all kinds of audiences. Since its first success Ai Amatxo! (Negua datorrenean) until his last successful “Eguzkitan bero”, passing through his rejuvenated “Ez gaitu inork geldituko”, they have sounded in all ways and in all formats and for all types of audiences. H... Read More

XABI BADINI : “Begibakarraren bidaia” (Teaser and new song)

  • 26/09/2018

XABI BADINI : “Begibakarraren bidaia”(Videoclip y nueva canción) An album for a story between the beast and the man To XABI BANDINI things happen to him last year, like the rest of the people. He begins to write and record songs and he is posting them in a blog from his small apartment in Madrid. Begin to shape an idea. After publishing on the networks his first song “Begibakarr... Read More

The compilation album “Sanfermin 78 gogoan” is already on sale!

  • 22/04/2018

    It is already on sale “Sanfermines 78 gogoan – Inpunitateari stop impunity”, the CD that commemorates the 40th anniversary of the events of Pamplona in July 78 and the death of Germán Rodríguez. Ten artists make this musical tribute: FERMIN BALENCIA-ALTXATU-LEIHOTIKAN-LA CHULA POTRA-STREETWISE-DRUGS + THE REVENGE OF GRANDMA-BALERDI BALERDI – IRUÑEA SOVIET ... Read More

A la venta “Galtzen ikasteko metodoa” de BALERDI BALERDI

  • 26/05/2017

  “MÉTODO PARA APRENDER A PERDER” es el título de este nuevo CD de BALERDI BALERDI, así como el título de la canción que abre el disco, y también un resumen irónico del contenido de las canciones del álbum. Este veterano grupo de Pamplona produjo en los años 90 del pasado siglo tres álbumes (un vinilo de diez pulgadas, “Balerdi Balerdi”, y dos cds: “Ez gara galdu” y “H... Read More

Last teaser of the basque band ALTXATU: “Berriro”

  • 15/12/2016

  Third album of the group ALTXATU, with only 18 years. Name of the album: "Hegalen Indarraz Aitzina   Here:   ALTXATU taldea, bere 3. diskoa, 18 urterekin. Diskoaren izena: “Hegalen Indarraz Aitzina”. Sergio Elia WEFEELM egin dute bideoa: Teaser recorded and edited by Sergio Elia – WEFEELM. Buy the records & the Tsh... Read More

Already on sale the CD: ALTXATU “Hegalen indarraz aitzina”

  • 14/10/2016

They're here ALTXATU !! They had not lost were broken !!! Where they had been? Well, he is preparing his third album, composing and rehearsing this HEGALEN INDARRAZ AITZINA. (With the strength of the wings forward) To me, that touched me to be next to them in the preparation and recording of the album ... what shall I say? I'm always amazed. His love of music, all the concepts and extensions are n... Read More

LOS CARNICEROS DEL NORTE ask collaboration for their next album

  • 30/05/2016

LOS CARNICEROS DEL NORTE send us this statement : " WARNING CREATURES !! LOS CARNICEROS DEL NORTE celebrate our 10th anniversary , and we will celebrate with our label Gor Discos, editing a compilation with " the best songs of the butcher history." For this we need your help : Through a survey we will publish the first of June on Facebook , you will choose the songs to be included in the compilati... Read More

We have republished “Carne pa la picadora” of LA POLLA

  • 26/05/2016

After a couple of years with the discontinued record, we reissued the CD " CARNE PA LA PICADORA " of the basque group LA POLLA . Enter our store and buy it or download it A historical work LA POLLA: Carne pa la picadora (CD-MP3)