BUITRAKERComing from Pamplona-Iruñea, this band debuted in GOR in 1998 with their first album ‘Lurrun makina’, after becoming one of the most interesting bands within the local scene. Buitraker started making punk-metal music, but their evolution took them towards sampling and programming music, next to industrial or even dance metal, as shown at their 2nd record ‘Homologao’. After the tour of this album, the band took a kind of break until 2005, when they recorded their 3rd album, out of label GOR.. Componentes: Aitor:vocals and guitars Fer: guitar and programmings Ibon:drums Patxi:base guitar Iñigo: keyboards. Contratación: Matxitxa 948.180918. Contacto: management@matxitxa.com