BALERDIClassic power-pop band from Pamplona-Iruñea, with members coming from bands like Fiebre and Motos. Lidered by Toño Muro, they featured people who founded GOR, like Marino and Patxi Goñi, Blanca Izcue and even Sergio Ibarrola AKA Zara in the drums. They released two CD (‘Ez gara galdu’ and ‘Hobe behin gorri ezenez beti hori’) and a 10”.. Componentes: Toño Muro (guitar and vocals) Marino Goñi (bass and backing vocals) Blanca Izcue (keyboards and backing vocals) Zaratustra (drums and backing vocals) Patxi Goñi (guitar and backing vocals). Contratación: . Contacto: