They're here ALTXATU !! They had not lost were broken !!! Where they had been? Well, he is preparing his third album, 
composing and rehearsing this HEGALEN INDARRAZ AITZINA. (With the strength of the wings forward) To me, that touched 
me to be next to them in the preparation and recording of the album ... what shall I say? I'm always amazed. His love of music, 
all the concepts and extensions are note. 

Surprise someone with eighteen years make lyrics based on texts by Eduardo Galeano or 
crush various guitar tunings, giving other styles.So when adding arrangements for euphonium or tuba to a sugarcane song,
without being removed us to the present in the study, the face of surprise. In this scene the Basque rock, 
where the average age is about forty, ALTXATU represent the new blood and fresh desire to conquer the world, 
seeking not exceedingly boulders roads. ONGI ETORRI ALTXATU !!