Electric Riders return back with their fourth album – The Trial ( GOR Diskak ) – produced by José López (The Soulbreaker Company, Glow ) and the group itself. 13 songs full of 70s psychedelia full of strength and melody together by the thread of life of John Merrick, the Elephant Man . A concept album in every way , outside the conventional circuit and risky musical bet, highlights the still valid at this point in the music of the end of the ’60s and 70’s .
Ander Zabalza: Drums
Jaime Zuasti: Bass, voices & keyboards
Adolfo Alcocer: Guitars, voices & keyboards
Txus: voices

-Get your experience – El Nagual Records (2001)
-Messengers – El Nagual Records (2004)
-Music for a family gathering – Nasoni Records (2007)
-The Trial – GOR Diskak (2010)