• 10 Tracks
  • Released Date 18/11/2016
  • Artist:

OIHU ISILAK (Silent Scream) is the title of the new HIBAKUSHA’s album, an alternative-metal group from Pamplona (Spain), that will be released under the label GOR. It’s been recorded both in “Sex to be Studios” and “Alakrania Studios”, and mixed and mastered in “Darkhouse Studios” in Mexico.

On this new LP we will find 10 new tracks, where the power of the music flows with the heartrending stories that they told us. DUNAK (Dunes) is the first single, where we can realize about the evolution of the band along last two years, since they release their first album in 2014, ABUZTUAK 6 (August 6th) recorded in “La Atlántida Studios” in Barcelona.


HIBAKUSHA are Iñaki Santos (guitar), Ander Orduna (drums), Ion Indusi Zubiat (guitar), Iñaki Pulido (bass) and Silvia Guillén (voices).