Lur gazian ametsak ereinez

4th album of this basque-language singing band. Their compositive quality is so high that it can be compared with any band coming from USA. Good melodic heavy metal.SOLD OUT in CD

Hautsa astinduz

This second record was considered one of the best Basque rock albums that year. It features KAIXO, an URTZ´s classic, known by all the band supporters.

Ekaitzaren garrasia

The first album of this band from Gipuzkoa hit the record stores and became one of the classics in the basque heavy music. The songs inside are almost hymns for a whole generation.

Hain urrun

The third album of this band from Gipuzkoa. High quality heavy metal, with a very good singer. They sing in Basque language. CD is SOLD OUT


URTZ vuelve a grabar un CD diez años después de su despedida. 2013


This guys form Gipuzkoa have changed their line-up and record label to record their 5th album, where they have written softer pop melodied songs, forgeting their hard-rock touches from their begginings. (2001)