URTZ, doing hardrock or rock with feelings, has always been a popular group. 
His songs have been heard and have reached all kinds of audiences. Since its first 
success Ai Amatxo! (Negua datorrenean) until his last successful “Eguzkitan bero”, 
passing through his rejuvenated “Ez gaitu inork geldituko”, they have sounded in 
all ways and in all formats and for all types of audiences. His songs have been 
covered on many occasions by musicians, orchestras, singer-songwriters on YouTube 
and even at the doors of hospitals, recently.

In this work, we have allowed ourselves the pleasure of gathering all his hits 
from the first to the last album, from 1992 to 2019.

Five Basque record labels (GOR, Elkar, Baga Biga, EDG Music and the group itself) 
have made the songs available for this work. We believe that justice is finally 
being done to this popular Basque rock group. Sixteen songs and a good tribute.